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Odds and Sods was an LP released by the Who in 1974, compiled of bootlegs, unreleased songs, and album rejects. Lots of their songs had already been bootlegged, because of The Who's live performances of these songs.

At the request of MCA, The Who's record label, they were asked to put out an album of some of these songs for a legitimate release.

In 1973, Roger Daltrey, Pete Townshend, and Keith Moon were all in production with the Tommy film, it was left up to bassist John Entwistle to compile the tracks.
John and producer John Alcock starting going through tapes to put on the album.

The cover art, which features The Who standing in American football helmets, was designed by Roger Daltrey.

It was released in the U.K.on 28 September, 1974. It reached #10 in the charts. Released in the U.S. on 12 October. 1974. It reached #15 in the charts.

Track Listing:

  1. Postcard
  2. Now I'm A Farmer
  3. Put The Money Down
  4. Little Billy
  5. Too Much Of Anything
  6. Glow Girl
  7. Pure And Easy
  8. Faith in Something Bigger
  9. I'm The Face
  10. Naked Eye
  11. Long Live Rock
  12. Leaving Here
  13. Baby Don't You Do It
  14. Under My Thumb
  15. Mary Anne With The Shaky Hand (U.S. single version)
  16. Summertime Blues (studio)
  17. My Way
  18. Young Man Blues (studio alternate)
  19. Cousin Kevin Model Child
  20. Water
  21. Love Ain't For Keeping (Pete vocal version)
  22. Time Is Passing
  23. We Close Tonight

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