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Christianity: The Best of Both Worlds?

Christianity, however, presented a combination of the two. It solved the dissatisfactions in each by inventing the Father and Son as facets of the same jewel. There was the same omnipotent and omniscient God running things as in Judaism, only He was much more approachable by virtue of the SonJesus. As Dionysus, Jesus lived, died, bled, and arose. As Dionysus, Jesus offered a gateway between life and death. As Dionysus, Jesus was extremely human. And yet unlike Dionysus, Jesus was a facet of a much greater whole. Through this ingenious twist, Christianity was able to offer a profoundly humanized God who was also almighty. Judging from their roots in Judaism and how utterly mired in Hellenism the founders of Christianity were, it seems like an obvious conclusion that this concept of the Trinity was in some large part the product of Greek Religion and Judaism in the melting pot that was the Middle East. Nonetheless, there are serious questions about this conclusion which will be later addressed.

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