Ohrid is a town in south-western Macedonia of about 200,000 people. On the shores of a beautiful lake, Ohrid has become a very popular tourist destination for Macedonians and foreigners.

The town itself spreads around the base of a mountain crowned by King Samuel's Castle, a very large 11th century fortress. The climate is varied, with persistent snow in winter and hot dry weather in summer. Albania is visible 20 km across the lake.

Some highlights of Ohrid are the castle, the local trout, the monastary of St Peter the Theologian, the 2nd Century BC Theatre, and the mosaics which can be serendipitously found beneath the sand.

The Cyrillic Alphabet is said to have been invented in Ohrid by Saint Cyril, and he and his brother are commemorated by statues and many shrines. Ohrid is written similar to "Oxphδ" in cyrillic.

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