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In the Summer of 1978, At Bob's Diner in Atoka, Oklahoma fry cook Tim Parker dipped an all-beef hot dog in beer batter then he deep fried the hot dog until it was crispy and golden-brown. Then he put the deep fried weiner on a steamed bun then he topped it with sauteed onions, bacon, and peanut butter. He then served the odd hot dog to a huge black dude who asked for a special hot dog. The huge black dude ate the odd weiner and he loved it. The huge black dude told everybody he knew about the hot dog that he consumed and soon afterwards the deep fried dog slathered with peanut butter was added to the menu of Bob's Diner. As of 2009, Oklahoma has hot dog joints everywhere selling the famous weiner. Oklahoma City alone has over 2,000 Hot Dog joints selling the Oklahoma Style Hot Dog.

You too can make the Oklahoma Style Hot Dog at home. You will need:

6 All Beef Hot Dogs (special casing kind is best)
Beer Batter
Hot Dog buns (any kind will do)
5 White Onions (Use ONLY White Onions, do not use red or yellow ones)
One Jar of JIF Brand Peanut Butter
18 cooked strips of Bacon (Applewood flavor is best)

Dip each of the Hot Dogs in the Beer Batter thoroughly. Next, pour some cooking oil into a big pot and set the oil to high heat. Once the oil gets hot enough, turn the heat down to medium. Then put the battered weiners into the hot oil and fry until crispy and golden brown. Next, take a castrated steamer and put it on top of a small pot that's full of water. Then put hot dog buns on the steamer then set the steamer pot to high heat and steam the buns until they are moist. Next, put a oiled pan on medium-high heat and put finely chopped white onions into the pan and saute them until they are limp and caramelized. Once the chopped onion is cooked, dump the onion from the pan onto some Foil. Then, once the buns are steamed, put the battered hot dogs onto the buns and top with the sauteed onions, strips of bacon, and then slather the hot dogs with the Peanut Butter. Serve immediately.

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