Peter Doherty is the Ex co-front man of the band The Libertines and current front man of Babyshambles.He was born March 12, 1979 in Hexham, Northumberland, and lives primarily in London. Pete Formed The Libertines with along with Carl Barat who he shared song writing and singing duties with. Right from the beginning their gigs had a reputation for being unpredictable and anarchic. He recorded debut album up the bracket with the band, was expelled soon afterwards, rejoined again for their second album and was kicked out again eventually forming a career without Barat. First he appeared on the Wolfman single "for lovers", then revealed his own band Babyshambles.

Pete's erratic behaviour and drug problems (He publicly admits he has an addiction to both crack and heroin) were the cause of his rifts with Carl. But they also seem to be a big driving force in turning him into a minor celebrity, the music press loves nothing more than to report on the antics of a "rock bad boy" and Doherty has given them plenty to write about:

In 2003 (between albums) he was sentenced to 6 months for breaking into Carl Barat's flat and stealing some valuable items.

In 2004 he went to Wat Tham Krabok a monastery in Thailand for drug rehabilitation. He couldn’t stay for the whole course.

In 2004 he was in court again for possession of a knife, this case was later dropped.

In late 2004 Babyshambles were scheduled to perform at the London Astoria, when they failed to turn up the audience rioted.

In 2005 he was arrested for assaulting a documentary maker who was pursuing him. On his release he was given a curfew for all reasons except drug rehabilitation.

In 2005 he revealed to the press that he used to be rent boy and drug dealer to fuel his addictions, "I was wanking off old queens for like £20".

For the 2005 Live 8 concert he appeared onstage with Elton John to sing Children of the Revolution. Reviews called the performance "terrible" Elton John has since blamed it on the singers nerves. Doherty blamed it on Bob Geldof's daughter Peaches: "Just before I went on stage, she whispered something rather suggestive to me. It left me in such shock I didn't know where I was..."

In July 2005 Doherty was gaining a reputation for not turning up to gigs, this eventually led to him missing a gig with Oasis and being kicked off the bill for their stadium tour.

In august he was playing at a festival in Oslo but was stopped at the airport and found to be in possession of heroin. The festival organisers paid the fine and the band eventually played.

At the Leeds rock festival in England Doherty is alleged to have been in a backstage fight with Johnny Borell of Razorlight that started when Pete head butted the front man in an "unprovoked" attack. His relationship with supermodel Kate Moss means that the tabloid newspapers have now also started taking an interest in his exploits (I tried to determine if they are still seeing each other for this writeup, but the reports are so on-again-off-again it's hard to tell). The BBC also recently screened a documentary called "Who the **** is Pete Doherty?" examining his rise to fame. The documentary itself was one of the creepiest things I ever did see. There were so many strange, bizarre moments:

Scene: Pete Doherty with his shirt off, blood all down his chest, drinking a stella in a deckchair and slobbering incoherently at the camera.
(Cut to)
Scene:Guy with a beard talking head shot. "Genius! And the the price you pay for genius is..."

Then there was the "top fashion designer" with a generic European accent announcing his new line is going to be based on The Pete Doherty Look, and the scene with the road crew waiting for him to arrive to a gig where he is late going "He'll be here....maybe!" and "Well, he's been booked to perform here twice and both times he's not showed up so fingers crossed!" With these strange grins on their faces like they are witnessing a rock legend in the making.

Carl Barat has spoken out against what he calls Pete's Harpies, the group of druggies and hangers on that follow him around and view his self destruction as something glamorous. His life seems to have become linked with peoples idea of the "troubled artist" and the NME (Where he was elected "Cool Icon of 2004") Is quick to headline any news on his exploits. Pete is 26, On "Who the **** is Pete Doherty" a journalist mentioned how Rock Stars seem to have a tendency to die at 27. I guess by this time next year we'll know if Pete is a "Real" rock star or not.

From tomorrow's Dagenham Evening Chronicle:


The Samaritans have today recruited 600 extra staff to deal with an expected surge in calls as troubled fans come to terms with today's revelations about rocker and teen icon Pete Doherty. In a surprise press conference today, the men behind Doherty's career revealed themselves - and admitted that the Libertines, Babyshambles, the tales of drug use, the armed robberies and the affair with supermodel Kate Moss have all been part of one of the largest hoaxes in British history.

The men behind the scandal - Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty, who were themselves infamous popstars under the name The KLF - admitted how they plucked a young Buddy Holly impersonator Doherty from obscurity and made him a media darling. "It was a meant to be a quick stunt to show the frailties of our celebrity-obsessed culture," said Cauty, adding, "there are too many people who are famous despite their lack of talent, usefulness and basic intelligence. We wanted to do something that held a mirror up to that." Mr Drummond called Britain's pop-culture "sick" and said that although he regretted the hurt caused to Doherty's many fans, he hoped "this incident taught us all some important things".

In a prepared statement, the two men - famous for many other pop pranks, including the famous burning of GBP1million on a remote Scottish island - detailed how they manipulated the British Press into making Doherty an icon. Doherty - whose real name has now been revealed to be Trevor McDermott - was making a living as a part-time Buddy Holly impersonator in the Cornwall holiday circuit. He began a short-lived affair with the singer of a well known 80's rock band, and was introduced to Drummond and Cauty at a backstage party in London's West End. The men described how a drunken McDermott amused them with his slurred singing and frenetic dance movements, and how they then realised that this would be the perfect "dupe" for a plan they had been hatching for some time.

"The plan involved proving three theories we have about current British society," reads the statement. "The first is that in the so-called "alternative" scene, everybody is too scared of missing The Next Big Thing to worry about anything else." To prove this, some session musicians were provided to compose the rest of the "band", The Libertines, and rumours of exposive gigs were leaked to the media. "The gigs in question never actually took place, but we didn't have to worry about that. Soon the buzz around The Libertines was so frenetic, journalists were falling over themselves to claim to have been at the front of every single fictional gig." Within weeks, The Libertines were appearing on magazines and receiving record offers. Gigs sold out in minutes, while their first album "Up The Bracket" flew off shelves.

Feeling that their first point had been proved, Drummond and Cauty moved to their second theory: "We feel that our culture has become an enormous soap opera. We don't care what a person thinks, or creates, or contributes. We just care about what they do in their normal lives. Especially when it's something they shouldn't be doing."

To demonstrate this, the men co-ordinated a number of scandals. First was a robbery staged in the house of one of the band members. When this took place, McDermott (aka Doherty) was unknown outside of the alternative music scene. An incident of this calibre was sufficient, however, to catapult McDermott onto the front page of every major national tabloid. "One day we has just another singer, the next day he was 'Disgraced Celebrity Rocker', and he hasn't been out of the papers since". Further revelations about drug abuse and violence kept McDermott and The Libertines on the front pages for months.

One thing that took even Drummond and Cauty by surprise was the affair with model Kate Moss. "That was not something that we planned or had any involvement. Whether she knew about the hoax is something we are not party to. We have never had any contact with Miss Moss." However, this was the boost their project needed - where the drugs and crime had made McDermott a media sensation, the relationship with one of fashion's most famous women catapulted him into the world of true celebrity. "While we had not planned this, it certainly proved our point. There are many superior artists in the country today, but they never appear in Heat or The Sun, because they don't have the words 'boyfriend of Kate Moss' after their name."

Despite this boost, the project began running into a major setback for Drummond and Cauty. Just as they were preparing to enter the final phase of their scheme, Doherty decided that he wanted to part company with them, the fake band, and begin seriously recording music. He stopped all contact with the men, and threatened legal actions if any details were leaked to the press. "We were upset at the apparent failure of our grand project, and also at the monster we had created in Pete Doherty. Our third theorem - that 'If enough people say that a piece of s*** is a bar of gold, we'll believe it's a bar of gold' - seemed to have been beyond salvation. Fortunately, at that point Pete released the first Babyshambles album."

In the time since then, Drummond and Cauty have been locked in a vicious legal battle, which was eventually settled out of court by the discovery of a videotape showing McDermott singing "Peggy Sue" at a Butlin's in Devon. Publicly, McDermott still strongly denies all charges. How this affects the future career of Pete Doherty remains to be seen.


Not really. All vicious lies. Pete Doherty is a wonderful artist, who will no doubt have a long and successful music career due to his incedible musical talents. This was concocted as part of HateQuest 2006

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