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Frankfurt based producer Oliver Lieb was born in 1969. Since 1989 he has been one of the most renowned producers of electronic music. No matter if it´s Techno, House, Eurodance, Elektro, Trance or just "music electronics", over the years Oliver Lieb made it to the top of international Dance-Producers with appearances at nearly all important clubs and raves all over the planet.

He also has many other projects like L.S.G., Arte Bionico, Paragliders, S.O.L., Multiplicity, The Ambush vs. Phools Inc., and Spicelab, each of those having a more or less specific "feel/mood".

To describe a few,

L.S.G. is Oliver Lieb´s most famous project. Founded in 1992, Oliver Lieb created the L.S.G. project for flying and drifting Techno-Trance sound. With exclusive licensees e.g. to the british top label Hooj Choons, LSG gained a huge public attention on the UK market, as well as all over the world. Having released 3 full-length albums and a string of outstanding 12-inches so far on Superstition. L.S.G. has become on of the flagships of the label. At the moment Oliver Lieb is working on his new (and fourth) L.S.G. longplayer due to be out on Superstition .

Arte Bionico is a one off project from Marcos Lopez and Oliver Lieb for the E.P.' in 1994 (Superstition 2024).

Paragliders is another co-project of Oliver Lieb. During the years 93, 94, 95 he ran the project with Torsten Stenzel. After a few years break Oliver Lieb re-launched it as a solo-project on the platform of his own new founded label Phoolish Rec.

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