I gave up and I gave in,
And he, he would have it no other way.
Regardless of past or future,
He sat in the lap of my present.

And I felt the old me return
Not the barer of surprise and gifts,
Not the me afraid to touch.
I devoured what had been dangled in my face
And for a night it finally made sense.

I cannot be explained, I don't know why I've tried
Secretly I've enjoyed my existence guiltily
And unless my belly is full with the incoming of the future
I have no excuse and I need not have one
And the same hard matress feels foreign now
So I can look for one that feels familiar

Don't judge me now, it's too late for somethin so trivial
Realize not everyone can be there for everything
And I broke myself with trying
My wings cramp as I lift them up and away from me
Unused or misused as they've been
Finally I know there is little price for nesting in new places.
I can rest knowing things are playing out their fate
And a relieved grin spreads across my thin-lipped beak.

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