There is a (unreleased) music video for this song. It was part of the Broken movie, which was also largely unreleased. (Portions were released individually as music videos.) The video for gave up is reputed to be a snuff film. At the beginning of the video the victimizer has already tortured the victim in various ways (performed earlier in the movie), and now it seems he is ready for the finale. He hangs the victim by his wrists and cuts him lengwise down his body. He spins him around, cutting him as he goes, stabbing him in a few nonlethal places (to keep him alive longer, of course--he wouldn't want to miss what is coming next).

Then he unleashes the chainsaw.

The victim's chest and abdomen are reft open, and the video ends with the victimizer cupping the victim's vital organs to his mouth and munching away.

Twisted as fuck, this video is.

Nine Inch Nails' 1997 video release, Closure, contained an alternate, gore-free music video for the song. The video shows Nine Inch Nails performing the song (with a cameo by Marilyn Manson, minus his make-up, pretending to play guitar1) in a studio with several people just standing and sitting around in the background (not even moving to the music). The band actually plays the song, rather than jamming along to the album version (as was done with the "March of the Pigs" music video). Thus, it sounds a bit different than the version on Broken.

The video was recorded in 1994 in the house actress Sharon Tate and several friends were murdered in by Charles Manson and his followers decades earlier. Trent Reznor had bought the house (not finding out it was the same house Tate was killed in until the night he moved in) and recorded The Downward Spiral in it. Not long after the album's completion, Reznor moved out. The house has since been demolished.

The band for this video is:

Production information for the video:

1This is according to The Long Hard Road Out of Hell (Marilyn Manson's autobiography):
"[Reznor] said, "Why don't you come out? We're shooting a video for one of my songs, and I want you to play guitar in it."
I told him, "Well, I don't really play guitar." But I went out there anyway and pretended to play guitar"*

2Richard Patrick and Brian Liesegang later went on to form musical group Filter. Prior to that, Patrick (brother of actor Robert Patrick) had been playing with NIN live and hanging around with Reznor in the studio.

3Looking closely on the computer screen, one can see the text: Sequence F: "Fuck you Steve".* This is in reference to Steve Gottlieb of TVT Records, Nine Inch Nails' former record company. Reznor had claimed that TVT wasn't giving him enough creative freedom with NIN and was violating their contract. Broken was recorded in secret during this time (so TVT wouldn't find out and be able to make money off of it). Much of the album's anger was likely influenced by Reznor's battle with his former record label. Eventually, Reznor was able to move NIN to Interscope Records with only a bit of money from his work still going to TVT. At the beginning of "Physical (You're So)" (a secret track and Adam Ant cover on Broken), Reznor can be heard whispering "Eat your heart out, Steve."

*This information found via "new sweat to down me in" (

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