Christopherson was also part of the Fluxus art group. Fluxus were pioneering graphic designers - among many other famous album covers, they designed the cover for Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon.

Peter's role in the various musical and art groups he's been involved with has been more tactical than direct - for example he would suggest lyrics and ideas, bring terrible answering machine messages about suicide and suggest that music be put to them (Coil's Who'll Fall from Stolen and Contaminated Songs), and generally acting more as a strategist than a musician. Some people have suggested that John Balance is the real talent behind Coil, which is true is far as the music is concerned, but the haunting images and ideas in so much of their material come more from Sleazy.

The nickname 'Sleazy' comes from his obsession for convincing sexual partners to do something they'd previously refused to contemplate, using whatever persuasive devices were available.

Editor's note: Peter Christopherson died November 24, 2010, aged 55.

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