love is the sky
open, yearning
embracing earth build
of home and hearth
of naked wandering
wonder why
gold is the sky
eyes for you
seeing through
the thick
the thin
and look and
begin again
and build and
reaching climb
in time
in time
the sky just
opens, loving
of sown birth yield
a field
of seeded sauntering
ponder hye
gold is love of
the open sky

--for the moon...
may your travels find you well.

a novice, natively naive nodeshell rescue. i searched for a possible author of 'love is the sky' and found none. this phrase rings me like the clearest crystal bell. inspirational nods go to coil's windowpane - gold is the sky - and John Balance, Peter Christopherson and perhaps even Current93's Steven Stapleton and David Tibet. serendipitously, the current coil page at "this is moon musick" righteous... travel well, chandra. everything's gonna be all right.

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