You have 15 minutes to turn in your homework. It's graded, so you have to turn it in or suffer a 25 point deduction for being late. You decide to do what every other student would do, COPY! However, you walk into class to find this blaring sign. "On my honor, I have not violated the honor code in any way on this work."

"Damn," you think as you realize it has now become a moral dilemma. Do I copy the homework and violate my personal honor, or just fuck it and turn it in? Oh I'm sure we all definitely opt for the latter, however, who hasn't stopped to think about the ramifications of their actions? I mean, could violating the "honor code" on one single assignment jeopardize your entire high school career? Will the admissions directors at Purdue find out you violated the honor code?

Within 3 hours, you forget you did it and return to the haze that is your life.

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