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I was with some buddies who drove up to The University hoping to meet some college girls. We got there too early and so sat at a nearly vacant bar drinking happy hour beer and playing video games.

When they came in, it didn't take long to do the math. Four of them, three of us. This was going to be really good or really bad. Five minutes in the bar and we walk over, slide a table next to theirs and buy a pitcher. She had long dark hair and a look of complete disinterest. While the other girls seemed to be sizing us up, she was looking at the video screens on the walls and chain smoking. I don't care much for that and maybe she noticed me wince as she took another puff and blew it back over her shoulder, in the same way people throw salt for good luck. She smiled, leaned forward slowly and whispered something to me. Eyes half closed and one hand on my forearm. I had no idea what she said, but I knew what she meant.

Five minutes later we're outside, leaning against the wall of the bar in semi-darkness. Long wet kisses tasting of floral perfume and bitter nicotine. Hands under jackets urgent and impulsive. Occasional stops for breaths of air and some brief eye contact.

Eyes saying: You cool with this? Mouths saying: heck yeah!

A few minutes later I heard shouting and she stopped-pulled herself away for a second and gave me a wicked grin

"that's me"

She stepped around to the front of the bar and waved to her friends. Lots of hooting and laughter. They were leaving to go to a party and were giving her the

dont you even think about staying here Look

She put her hands on her hips, looked at them, back over at me and then back at them again. Shook her head and walked slowly over to me with her head down, hair covering her face. She was leaving.

"I gotta go, sorry...I suck.."

I was gonna say it wasn't a problem but she gave me one more hard kiss with her hands on my face rough enough to leave red marks. I never said a word and she was gone.

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