Third (or fourth, depending on your point of view) studio album from Mercury Music Prize winner Badly Drawn Boy, nee Damon Gough. Released in the United States on July 27, 2004, it is Gough's first album with Astralwerks, home of such artists as Fatboy Slim, basement jaxx, and the Chemical Brothers.

The record is unique in that it is, at the same time, mellower and yet more rocking than The Hour of Bewilderbeast or Have You Fed The Fish?. While songs such as Take The Glory show a harder side than previously shown in past albums, Gough still uses strings, accordian, and piano to keep everything within a soft, conversational tone. Even a childrens choir is used on The Year of the Rat to beautiful effect.

Track Listing:

  • 1. One Plus One Is One
  • 2. Easy Love
  • 3. Summertime In Wintertime
  • 4. This Is That New Song
  • 5. Another Devil Dies
  • 6. The Blossoms
  • 7. Four Leaf Clover
  • 8. The Year of the Rat
  • 9. Fewer Words
  • 10. Logic Of A Friend
  • 11. Stockport
  • 12. Life Turned Upside Down
  • 13. Take The Glory
  • 14. Holy Grail
  • 15. Don't Ask Me I'm Only The President*
  • 16. Plan B*

*US-only bonus tracks

All Songs Written by Damon Gough AKA Badly Drawn Boy.
All Songs Produced by Andy Votel and Badly Drawn Boy.

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