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Did you ever ask yourself why vampires have no reflection? Why they cannot be seen on film? A reflection is the ghost of a soul on glass. It's why things are not as they should be. Why some people believe that a camera can steal one's soul, and for them, this is a terrible, horrifying thing.

But for me, it's one last chance.

Of course, some machines will not work. These is no ghost in those machines. All circuits, and logic, quantization, conversion and math. Exact, unyielding science.

I love these machines. These machines are dead, hollow vessels, aching to be filled. To expose their sorcery on an unexpecting victim. You should watch how they crowd around, eager to experience the magic of an arcane analog device in a digital age.

The easiest way to steal a soul is to ask for it. Bind it away in an album, to rebuild a life through a collection of souls . One fraction of a soul at a time.


Join me. Vampires will never hurt you.

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