Under the icy stare of every cold-hearted bitch you ever knew, in the very core of even the most cynical woman you ever met there’s a little girl just asking you to love her.
We may tell you we’re not frail or weak, that we are independent women with no need for the protection of a man. Or maybe that ‘a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle’, and it may be true that we can get by ok on our own. But if you could be there at night when we switch off the bedside lamp and lie down in our cold empty beds you might hear the thoughts that continually run through our minds. The fear that creeps in to remind us we’re alone. The visions of all the other loved up happy people. Fearing that maybe our last chance was just that.

All we ever want is to be loved and to love. All the other stuff is just crap we wrap around ourselves to prevent being hurt.

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