Hold me tighter.

I don't want gentleness tonight. Forget tenderness, sweetness, softness. No civilised consideration, no slow ascent.

What I want tonight is passion.

I want sweat, and heat, hunger and fire. I want something primitive and raw.

I want need, and desperation

I want to feel that you can't live without me

Hold me tighter -- please.

Hold me tighter.

I'm not concerned with your attitude towards me today. None of this matters to me. Forget everything you know, and clutch me like a person who'd drown without your arms around me.

No, it's not passion, it's just that I'm afraid of what's ahead of us.

I'm afraid that I might fall, that I might break myself... Pain is bad. I learned this when I broke myself on a jungle gym as a small child.

I look forward, and cringe. I want a windshield, a saftey capsule, something to shield me. I want something inspired by technology.

I want comfort and health (and a sandwich).

I want to feel like this roller coaster ride is perfectly safe.

Hold me tighter, before I wet myself.

You're gonna have to do better than that.

See, if you don't hold me tighter, air will get in.

Air is bad.

As a USDA approved slab of cow, I'm high quality. Good marbling with low fat content. From a really, really great cow. I wish you could have met me before I became food.

But I digress. Listen, you have to hold me tighter or else I'll go bad before time. I'll rot. I'll get stinky.

Hold me tighter--please.

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