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"One settler, one bullet" was the rather chilling rallying cry cum motto of the Maoist Pan African Congress (PAC), a South African anti-apartheid party formed in 1959. The "settler" part referred to any and all South African whites. The bullet part referred to a lead slug that would be fired from a gun into the head of each and every white settler. One per, however.

PAC's intent was to "drive the whites into the sea". They were that mad, I guess.

PAC was formed after members of the African National Congress (ANC) felt the party was too white and not quite violent enough.

The ANC under Peter Mokaba eventually coined the competing, albeit less poetic and less memorable, "Kill the Boer, Kill the Farmer."

Since the end of apartheid and the 1994 open election, the PAC has toned down its violent rhetoric. It now goes by the slogan "Head, Heart, Hand, and Hang the DJ" oh wait. No actually it goes bye the slogan "Serve, suffer, sacrifice". Not only has it revised its estimation that whites required either exploded brains or the ability to do the backstroke to Europe, but it's recently gone on a drive to recruit white voters and white members.

Alas, PAC's more benevolent stance came too late for Amy Biehl. Amy was a white American Fulbright Scholar. She was working for the anti-apartheid movement in South Africa. She herself had just attended a PAC rally when others leaving saw her, chanted "One settler, one bullet", and proceeded to haul her out of her car and stoned and stabbed her to death. No bullets were harmed in that offing, however.

The phrase is sometimes paraphrased to express a certain amount of disgust. For example:

"How's work going?"

Stone cold look. "One customer one bullet."

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