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Online game which was to LOD (Lands of Devastation) what Legend of the Red Dragon was to Usurper - not merely a precursor but also superior in its implementation. Occuring in a post-holocaust setting like that of Fallout, it featured a reflex-based combat system.

Often abreviated OO][. You are a frontiersman / frontierswoman in a post-nuclear holocaust world-on-the-brink. Very original design, especially the first use of the concept of both short- and long-range weapons, and the unusual "linear" attack interface. Lands of Devistations just doesn't do it for me the way OO][ did.

It was a very Nethack/Moria type deal with a text-based overhead view of the "wasteland". You wandered, from your base to other bases trying to blow the living hell out of other players, NPCs and what have you.

Funny, I don't recall that there was ever an Operation: Overkill part 1.

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