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There was a time, though be it a distant one in our memories, when the Internet had yet to make its presence heard. It was a world of local BBS's and 2400bps modems, through which some of the first multiplayer games began to emerge. And in this world, Arrowbridge was king.

Arrowbridge was an RPG, like most BBS games of the time. Travelling around the rich ASCII-textured world as the character class of your choice, you fought off monsters of varying colors and letters, visited (and sacked) towns, amassed armies, and explored dungeons as you moved up in experience and levels. Yet, inevitably, the greatest moments of the game came out of its multiplayer aspects. Despite the obvious limitation that the game could only support one player at a time, there was still a great deal of satisfaction to be had in running accross someone's immobilized character, crushing their cities while they were on vacation, and, of course, killing their tax collectors out of pure malice. It was fantastic.

And so, for that seven minutes before our time per day limit ran out, we had a glimpse of the future. Multiplayer games have evolved greatly since the early nineties, yet it is obvious that games like Arrowbridge were the predecessors of today's gaming marvels. It is for this reason that I say: turn aside from your Quakes and your Everquests. Turn aside, and pay homage to a true classic.

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