Should it be "OpinionQuest" or "Opinion Quest"? Someone probably has an opinion about that. In fact, people probably have an opinion about a lot of things. Which is, why, for one week only, we are having a quest where you can tell us how you really feel.

From February 15th to February 21st, I want to know what you think about Star Wars, Murphy Brown, pineapple on pizza, the best shortstop in the history of baseball, cotton versus linen, whether Arbor Day counts as a holiday, whether toothbrushes are too cheap, or too expensive, baby carrots, whether a microwave is a necessity, a luxury, or a toy, whether you enjoyed junior high, and whether digital or analog clocks are more efficient and aesthetic. For example. There are so many things that people can have opinions about, at various levels of thoughtfulness and emotion, and I want to hear yours. "Opinion" is a word with a lot of meanings. It can mean a prediction, a taste, or a moral judgment. And I want all of them. The only thing I don't want is straight-ahead political rants. Unless they are funny. Some modicum of discretion should be used...but that is just my opinion.

What is the reason for this? As you might have heard, the internet has a problem with news of dubious content. A lot of that has to do with social media. The problem is that the internet has a lot of facts on it. And it has a lot of loud, stupid people. The problem is that there isn't a lot of place for personal, but thoughtful takes on things. You can go to wikipedia and read the facts of Pete Davidson's life, or you can go to YouTube and read a bunch of one-sentence comments about what a talentless hack he is. But, surprisingly enough, where on the internet could you go for a subjective but thought-out description of Mr. Davidson? This site is actually made for things like that. Part of this quest is you don't have to give a complete, factual account of something: just how you have experienced and felt about it.

Why is this quest when it is? To give you some time to prepare! Also, it starts after Valentine's Day, so you won't waste this romantic day avoiding your significant other to let me know whether The Fifth Element was an action movie that shouldn't be considered a serious science-fiction movie. It is lasting a week because it is supposed to be spontaneous, not exhaustive. A week should give everyone a chance to pick at least one thing they are miffed/stoked about and let us know why.

What will the rewards be? is 2021, I don't think I can reward you by giving you imaginary points on a little website, but if you do need some exterior motivation, /msg me with your creation and I will try to read (and, if possible) C! it, and possibly give you some type of fun little gift from the Gift Shop. Just let me know!

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