Ah, robot love. Sometimes, when two robots live and work together for a long time under stressful circumstances, certain...feelings develop. And sometimes those feelings simply must be acted upon.

Listen with me now, as we join the homomechasexual tryst in progress:

The following is a transcript of a very creative piece of sound editing which can be found at http://www.tfrid.com/sounds/OPMAGSEX.WAV
(begin ambient music)

Ultra Magnus: Uhh, this doesn't feel right, Prime.

Optimus Prime: I know. Magnus, I've had these...overwhelming feelings...

(metallic impact sound)

Ultra Magnus: Optimus Prime!

(metallic impact sound)

Optimus Prime: Open...

Ultra Magnus: Damn it, open!

Optimus Prime: (gasps)

(metallic impact sound)

Optimus Prime: Ultra Magnus, it's...big. (gasps) Bigger than the matrix. I'm (gasps)...I'm (gasps)...release(chokes)...unbelievable!

(cascading electronic twitter sound)

Ultra Magnus: Prime!

Many thanks to Pseudo Intellectual for supplying me with the link.

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