Orcs at the Gates is a board game spun off of the pages of Knights of the Dinner Table. One person plays B.A. Felton or Victor "Nitro" Fergueson, the GMs. And then up to 4 players(6 with the expansion) can play one(or more)characters of the Knights of the Dinner Table or the Black Hands. The purpose of the game is for either all the players to be dead at the same time, or for a player to achieve 1000 XP.

The retail is $30.00, and can be bought from Jolly Roger Games at http://jollyrogergames.hypermart.net/.

Also it's great if you also buy the miniatures to play Orcs at the Gates with! Kenzer and Company sell two packages of miniatures, one for the Knights and one for the Black Hands at $19.95. The miniatures are also seld seperatly at $3.50 each, and can be found at http://www.kenzerco.com.

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