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Yet another "mystery spot!" Similar to the one in Santa Cruz, California (See: The Mystery Spot). However, the people who run the Oregon Vortex are particularly touchy when it comes to the naming, to them calling it a "mystery spot" an insult.

The vortex is approximately 165 ft. in diameter (It changes from moment to moment) and is essentially a whirlpool. Located in Gold Hill, Oregon, it's probably one of the few roadside attractions that is probably worth coming back to see. Here you can watch brooms stand on end pointing northward and the normal laws of physics pretty much don't apply.

The Mount St. Helens eruption greatly diminished the vortex's power (The brooms used to be able to stand for more than a day, apparently they can't last more than a minute now.). But it still fun.

A man by the name of John Lister studied the Oregon Vortex all his life, even discussing the topic with Albert Einstein. When he died, he burned all his notes stating, "the world isn't yet ready for what goes on here."

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