In Finnish, a banking term meaning withdrawing money from account.

Also, the most common "chain" of ATMs in Finland. Properly spelled as "Otto." (on top of yellow background, with white letters and red dot in the end).

The ATMs are operated by Automatia. They accept the cards from most of the Finnish banks and probably quite a large number of foreign bank cards too. They accept magnetic strip and smart card-type ATM/credit cards.

They use modem and X.25/Frame Relay to connect to the banks, and operate on NCR and Siemens hardware. I'm not sure of the operating systems used in them, as the web page didn't tell - though I have heard ages ago that they would operate on OS/2.

(Most of the information came from the home page, <URL: >.)

Hey, it's a palindrome!

Ot"to (?), n.

See Attar.


© Webster 1913.

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