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It is like this. If I hold this or that particular part of you in my hands, the skin is smooth in some areas, rougher in others. But it is all skin. If I take a look inside your mind, the bad and good intermingle and are one. It is all you.

Although it is nice to strive to be "all good" or "all evil", the chances of your becoming such is rare and no fun. You must achieve balance.

If I take your fingertips and kiss them, they will feel me just as any other part of you would. It is you as a whole that feels me. It is you I feel as a whole.

What I am getting at is, I like you. For better or worse, I like you. And that is both your dirty little secrets and your clean fine lines. I want to know more. I want to know all of it, from the beginning. No judgement, only acceptance. Because, after all, we all have our dirty and clean parts; we are all equal in that manner.

Let go of the need to always be this good person. Accept the fact that you are going to have wicked, wicked days. You should relish those days. They come few and far between. And they can do amazing things to you, remind you to live a little. Please do not misunderstand me. I don't mean it's perfectly acceptable to go out and kill someone. I do mean that sometimes it is good to play a good prank or leap into that cheap meaningless one-nighter. You are human and you need to learn to celebrate your imperfections, accept them as they are.

I fell in love with your thoughts. Both good and bad. I stuck around for your actions. Both good and bad. The clean is reassuring and incandescent and safe. The dirty is fun and exciting and wild. I cannot abide one without the other. There is a need for both in life. A perfect world would grow stale rather quickly. A world full of garbage and chaos would also be unacceptable, were it not for the moments that take your breath away and make your heart skip a few beats.

Live. Let go. Both sides of the coin are worthy of your time. Stop trying to hide who you are, and just be.

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