Seeing you made my soul try to leap out and embrace you to the point of engulfing you. It was quite disconcerting; I almost gasped aloud at it. Looking into your eyes caused a temporary inexplicable paralysis. Time stood still. The truth in them was blinding, and incandescent, and humbling, and pure. To be exposed to such perfection for even a moment was to experience a joy so very intense that I trembled with it. My body could barely contain the feeling.

Your voice, deep and slightly raspy, was soothing and invigorating all at once. It was intoxicating. You could have said anything and I would have agreed to it readily, anything to keep you talking. The timbre of that mellow tone of yours was enough to send electric currents through me. I could barely hold myself upright. Then your hands, big, warm, inviting, taking my hand, shaking it rather ceremoniously. Such beautiful, comforting hands. I broke contact sooner than I wanted to, and yet almost too late: another second, and I would never have let them go.

At that point, I had crossed my arms, hugging myself and looking anywhere but back into those perfect blue orbs. I did try to look back into them, and felt as though I would drown if I looked too long. Purposefully losing focus, your shadow towering over me, tall, slim, masculine silhouette, making me feel very small and smothered.

Ahh, then the smile. How could something be so bewitching? You practically oozed charm as it was. My God, the tension in the room was so very thick, I could have worn it for the winter. Could you feel it? I wondered. I daren't ask, of course. I was quite fearful of the answer, regardless of which one it may be.

Yes, break it off, my self could not have possibly taken any more. There you went, you slipped away, all the while gripping me with your eyes, keeping me in time for a few seconds longer. I broke the spell while I still knew what was good for me. Trembling, barely breathing, I stumbled out and into the sun. It was all I could do to make myself walk away. Left foot, right foot, left foot, right foot, why on earth has the most mundane task become so very difficult? I was almost completely undone, and the encounter hadn't lasted more than a minute or so.

I am still recovering from it. It is quite possible that I never completely will. Did you have any idea what you'd managed to do to me in a trivial few minutes? Nothing was very trivial about the encounter on my part, but the question remains: Did you know, or were you oblivious? I guess I'll never know.

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