I would like for you to remain a myth.

I would like for you to avoid my phone calls if at all possible.

I never told you how I dreamed about you after you left. We had barely met and it didn't seem right, especially with that pesky girlfriend you were in love with, and as far as I know, still are. Things were good like this, with me thinking she was the only barrier between us. It was easy to fall back on this.

I still dream about your face, your hands, your rumbly voice, and I wake up feeling like there is something left to hope for even if it will never be mine. A green light at the end of my dock.

With time and absence you make me smile more and more. I don't want to lose this, because I know that nobody's perfect and right now I desperately need to believe in perfection. Or at least, in something to cling to. Yes, I am aware that this is silly. But it would be better for both of us if I let your memory inflate to mythic proportions and keep me afloat for a little while. I know how to swim, but sometimes I would rather just float.

Do you think you can do this for me?

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