One of those show-stopper statements that makes you sit back and ponder how truly strange the human animal can be. Be very glad if you ever hear this - it's a sign, and take it to heart. Compare with I would never date someone younger/shorter/co-worker/close to me.

She was serious.

While Sylvar's point is well taken (I'm an international arms trafficker myself) she was referring to rather more serious crimes - crimes we would actually agree were crimes.

Don't worry about committing a major felony just so you could date someone.

Between the No Electronic Theft Act (NETA), the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), the various proposals for UCITA, and the War On Drugs, just about everyone (in the US, anyway) has already committed a major felony.

Loaned a friend a computer book with the accompanying disk? Saved a copy or screenshot of a web page? Tried to guess someone's password? You've committed a felony.

Used a friend's prescription drugs, even one painkiller, even a nicotine patch? Smoked a joint? In you go.

Xeroxed a dollar bill, even if you had no intention of trying to use it as money? Felony. Shredded the copy so nobody would find out? Felony.

When so many things are illegal, just about everyone will have committed at least one felony. You'd have to be a little kid to have committed no felonies in your life -- and dating a little kid isn't exactly a good idea.

Just for the record, I have never committed ANY felonies! Oh, and any government officials must leave this site immediately. Ha ha, now we can all discuss our crimes and nobody's the wiser!

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