On the radio show Loveline. Dr. Drew usually takes the more serious, responsible side of things, thus he is the butt of many jokes by Adam Carolla, his co-host. Out-of-context drew drops, one of the longer running pieces of humor on the show, was born one day in Drew's absence when they played a few sound-bites of his voice as a joke. Since the bites were recorded from the show itself, it's very difficult to discern them from what he actually says unless you've heard the bites before and recognize them, and, since they're out of context, they usually come across as having an entirely different meaning. For example, sometimes a girl will call and say something like, "My boyfriend doesn't want to have sex with me anymore." Then you'll hear Drew's voice saying "You're fat." followed by Drew reassuring the girl that he didn't say that; it was a recording.

The best Drew drops are the ones lifted from situations in which he puts himself in the position of the caller to outline things.

"So what you're saying is, 'I've had anal sex, but my hymen is still intact so I'm a virgin?'"

In the above line, they'd simply peel out the "I've had anal sex." and play it by itself. Or, as they did, cut it together with a bite lifted from somewhere else so that the final product is..."I've had anal sex. Gee, it hurts."

Some of the more well known drew drops:
When a musician who'd written a controversial song about the tribulations of homosexuality came on the show, Drew read a few lines from it, and "Faggot, better run." was added to the list of drew drops. Also cut together with another piece for "Faggot, better have sex with me."
"I was bored so I put a spear through my penis."

"I was bored so I ate three peyote buttons, stayed up all night."

"I'm homosexual. I'm freaked out about it. Tried to be heterosexual but I'm having these overwhelming homosexual feelings."

"If I find you stealing my underwear again, here's what's gonna happen, asshole!"

"Pee on this stick"

"I wanna be dominated."

"You're sick!"

"You're gay!"

"I ate three peyote buttons, but felt no affect."

"I've had anal sex but felt no affect."

and so on..

Two songs have been compiled, smothered with various drew drops and played occasionally on the show at Adam's behest or by request from a caller. The Drew Boogie and The Drew Shuffle.

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