Outer Heaven is the terrorist base in the NES video game Metal Gear. Solid Snake is charged with the duty of rescuing Grey Fox and taking out the Metal Gear Project that is a walking tank. Outer Heaven's site contains 4 notable buildings and 8 levels of security that can be entered using key cards. Outer Heaven is run by Big Boss who is a double agent working for the terrorist group he had founded.

The fortress is built in the middle of a jungle where Solid Snake must sneak past guards, tanks, and heavy weapons to safely execute his mission of thwarting the terrorists' plot. Outer Heaven is linked by a series of truck routes that Snake must use to navigate. The buildings house cameras, heat sensors, laser based alarms, pitfalls, and other death traps of the sort. About the structures, Snake finds several hostages to rescue, informants to talk to, Bosses to battle, tools to aid his quest, and weapons to take out baddies. In the end, Outer Heaven, Metal Gear, and the terrorists lie in rubble. In Metal Gear Solid the army base taken by the same group of terrorists was renamed Outer Heaven in the legacy of their dream.

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