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PFM stands for Porcelain-Fused-to-Metal, and is a type of crown used to restore the teeth.

PFMs have some advantages over full gold crowns in that they are tooth-colored, instead of gold, so you needn't look like a pirate if a front tooth gets badly damaged.

However, they do wear down the opposing teeth more rapidly, and can break. Plus, in the front of the mouth, the older style of these crowns had a metal collar, which was a dead giveaway that that tooth had a crown placed on it. Today, though, they will usually employ a porcelain margin, thus eliminating the unsightly collar.
A Navy acronym. The maintenance or repair technique for restoring to service materiel thought to be scrapable. Frequently used in cases where the repairer has no idea how/why a fix worked, only that it did.

Pure Fucking Magic.

CPO: "Tell me, Seaman Beaumont, how did you get that busted framajamit valve to work again?" SB: "Well, Chief, I took my BFH and gave it a bit of percussive maintenance. That loosened it up a bit, and the rest was PFM."

An abbreviation and filename extension for Printer Font Metrics file, which is used with Type 1 fonts. These files coexist with related PFB files, and together represent a single typeface. PFM files contain data used to display a font on-screen. Type managers use this vector data and rasterize it. It then scales the image to the proper size and smooths the edges.

Multiple master fonts do not use PFM files, they use a somewhat similar file called a Multiple Master Metrics (MMM) file.

Compare with TrueType fonts, which contain both the screen and printer data in a single file.

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