Extemely trippy plasticene kid's show on YTV and later Treehouse TV.

Hosted by PJ Katie (aka Jennifer Katie Raicott), the show tells the adventures of Dippe the Cat, Bryce the Collie Colie, Rosebeekee the pink hamster, Delilah the cow, D'arci the goose, Blue the horse, Ed the rabbit, Jenny the rooster, and Percival the pig.

Later additions included the mailman, Buffalo Tom and The Egg From Outer Space.

With a backdrop of a barn made from popsicle sticks, the animals are all handmade plasticene models manipulated by PJ Katie as she tells the story (and effecting the voices of each of the characters). Katie is clearly making it all up as she goes along, and bloopers where she accidentally knocks over one of the animals or part of the set are kept in, Katie (who is dressed as a farmer) having to quickly throw in some comment about 'Sorry I knocked you over, Delilah'.

The show was extremely popular, not just among small children but also college age students, who appreciated the cheesy production values and Katie's hyperactive behavhiour. The theme song was sung by fellow YTV PJ and professional singer Aashna, who also released her own album.

Unique, imaginative, memorable and good fun, but don't ever watch more than two episodes in one sitting as the voices will drive you insane. This is possibly due to Katie's fondness for Rosebeekee - easily the funniest but also most irritating character - getting plenty of lines.

"You are here for PJKTYSFRMPJKTYSFRMPJKTYSFRM!!!!!!!!!" -Katie's greeting

Theme Song Lyrics
On Katie's Farm, imagination's the rule,
Dippe the cat, so calm and cool;
Jenny and D'arci and Ed come along,
Delilah the Cow she's everyone's mom;
Bryce the Collie barks and runs free,
while Blue the Horse naps under a tree;
Percival pig just squeals all the time!
Rosebeekee hamster whiiiines!
Join the gang for adventures and fun,
Katie's farm is for everyone!

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