Musical comedy western released in 1969. Directed by Joshua Logan and written by Paddy Chayefsky, it featured the melodious singing voices of Clint Eastwood and Lee Marvin. Yes, I'm serious!

Marvin played grizzled old prospector Ben Rumson, and Eastwood played the enigmatic Pardner. Also starred Jean Seberg as Elizabeth, a woman who Ben and Pardner buy and marry. Neither Marvin nor Eastwood are very good singers, but they do alright -- and seriously, this movie is not as horrible as you may have been led to believe. It was poorly received at the time of its release because movie musicals were on a steep decline, and a three-hour Western musical starring actors who weren't great singers was a lot to get over for the musical fans who were still out there. So it's had a bad reputation, not entirely unearned, almost from the time it was released. 

The songs are pretty good -- some of them are very good. And even Marvin, who really, really does not have a voice for movie musicals, got at least one standout song. "Wand'rin Star" is tailor-made for a grizzled prospector who mumbles when he talks, and when you've seen the movie, the version sung by a choir just doesn't sound right. The film is also full of people who are constantly pulling some crazy scheme. And it's decently funny, too. No, it's not "High Noon" or "The Searchers," but you could do worse than renting this one.

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