Palm Beach County is located between Martin County and Broward County, along the east coast of Florida. It is one of the largest of the 67 counties in Florida. Land area alone is approximately 2,023 square miles (2,578 square miles including lakes). It dwarfs Rhode Island and is larger than Delaware.

The eastern edge of the county is known for its beaches and is also known as Florida's "Gold Coast." Palm Beach County's approximate 45 miles of shoreline was named "Gold Coast" after the gold recovered from the Spanish Galleons that sank offshore.

The four largest lakes in the county are: Lake Okeechobee (488,000 acres on the County's northwest border); Lake Mangonia (540 acres in West Palm Beach); Clear Lake (401 acres in West Palm Beach); and Lake Osborne (356 acres in southern Lake Worth and northern Lantana).

Name:        for palm trees on its beaches
Formed:      April 30, 1909
Area:        2,578 square miles
County Seat: West Palm Beach

Census statistics:
1995 Est.  : 958,502
1990 Census: 863,518
1980 Census: 573,125
1970 Census: 348,993

As of this writeup, this is the county which I currently live in. It may be best remembered from the news during the 2000 national election between Al Gore and George W. Bush, where it's ballots were screwed up.

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