There is also a strong, Palm Beach-money-driven focus on the arts. These focuses include The Kravis Center for the Performing Arts, The Alexander W. Dreyfoos Jr., School of the Arts, The Norton Museum, and numerous other art centers.
West Palm Beach is flanked by Riveria Beach on the North and Lake Worth to the south. Riveria being mainly a minority area while Lake Worth is known for its antiques and beaches.

The following write-up is based on impressions from UK TV reports, study of the American Automobile Association Atlas of the USA (1996 edition) and hearsay.

West Palm Beach is the landward part of Palm Beach County, Florida. (The other bit, Palm Beach and Palm Beach Shores, appears to be inhabited by three or so millionaires.) At the moment, this town, population 67 000 or thereabouts, is in the midst of controversy. 19 000 of those citizens, allegedly mostly black or Jewish seem mysteriously to have spoiled their ballot papers. This is unfortunate, because they almost all say they wanted to vote for Al Gore, rather than Pat Buchanan. Even Buchanan admits this. The local ballot paper is an absolute dog. George W. Bush had been calling Gore names for wanting to call the lawyers in on this, but now Gore has claimed his entitlement to a manual recount, Bush has called in his lawyers. Apparently, in the state of Florida, the right time to complain about bad ballots is before the polls open. It's sheer coincidence that Florida is run by Bush's brother Jeb Bush.
West Palm Beach was established by Henry Flagler in 1894. Back then, the city consisted of the Florida East Coast Railroad which ran north/south through West Palm and one road which ran west to east (to the intracoastal). Flagler built the Royal Poinciana Hotel at the end of this road. The city grew up between the resort and the railroad.

The streets in West Palm Beach are are named after plants and are in alphabetical order going from north to south. The focal point of West Palm Beach is the city library which is located on the east end of Clematis Street. The library is the center of downtown festivities and has a fountain that city children can play in. The downtown area also caters a week-long music and food festival called Sunfest in early May. West Palm Beach is unusual in that the downtown area has zoning laws which restrict high rise buildings over 10 floors.

Population (1990): 67643
Location: 26.74770 N, 80.12622 W
Zip Code(s): 33401 33405 33406 33407 33409 33411 33412 33417 33418
Stats Souce: Census 1990 info.

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