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Good Things from Milk(tm)

Parmalat is a huge dairy company, active in 27 countries, spanning 6 continents, and having 162 plants. There are 40000 people worldwide working under the creamy fist of Parmalat, be it under the pseudonym Kyr, or Grisbi, or Santàl.

This very large corporation started as a small business in Northern Italy. Shows what you need to be careful about.

Parmalat itself makes these products:

Milk         Pur Filtre      Pure Filtre Calcium
Milk Mania   Buttermilk      Egg Nog
Cream        UHT Milk        Pomìto
So, who's who in the corporate zoo?
All of these brands are also Parmalat:
Beatrice     Astro         Black Diamond
Balderson    Cheestrings   Sargento
Colonial     Lactaid       Lactantia
Parkay       Olivina

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