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Astro is the family dog in the animated television comedy series The Jetsons, which premiered in 1962. He has been compared to Scooby Doo often, but his voice (both performed by veteran actor Don Messick) is different. Astro "talks" with a gruff yet higher pitch, and his speaking style has him saying words by changing the first letter to an "R" sound. Astro would have made an interesting pirate.

The series was produced by Hanna-Barbera when shows like The Flintstones, which they also produced, had made their way onto the prime time lineup. The character first appeared in the episode "The Coming of Astro". At first George Jetson didn't want a live dog because the family lived in an apartment in the sky. In a compromise, he got an electronic dog named Lectronimo. In the end of the episode, Lectronimo was not able to catch a burglar. Astro, through his usual fumbling and luck, accidentaly captured the crook and George relented. This made Astro very loyal to George and his son, Elroy Jetson.

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