Pasi (short for Panssari-Sisu, "panssari" is the Finnish word for "armor") is an amphibious armored car built by Sisu-Auto, a Finnish truck manufacturer. There are two series available, XA-180 and XA-200 (which differ mainly in engine size), including several models. The first model, XA-180, was introduced in 1983. The XA-185, which was first built in the early 1990s, is currently the primary model in use by the Finnish military (Puolustusvoimat).

Pasis are also used in United Nations peacekeeping operations, and are in use or have been ordered by at least Sweden, Norway and the Netherlands. There are over 700 Pasi vehicles in use around the world, of which almost 200 in peacekeeping operations. Pasi is a very versatile vehicle and has been adopted to several roles including the main role as an APC (XA-185), AFV (XA-203) anti-tank (XA-185 ITOW), anti-aircraft (XA-181 Crotale NG), targeting radar (Jantronic J-1000), mortar (XA-203 AMOS) and Forvard Observer Vehicle (XA-180FOV).

Specifications (Sisu XA-185)

  • Length: 7.3 m
  • Width: 2.9 m
  • Height: 2.8 m
  • Weight (empty): 13.5 tons


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