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I became a pedophile vigilante last night. A few of my friends and I were sitting around on the Internet on my friend's AOL account when a guy who lives in the same city as we do IM's us. We start talking to him, playing around like, "u wanna cyber?" and when he asks for an age, we decide to start fucking with him, and tell him that we're 13. (Okay, pronouns getting a little strange, I use we because there were four of us there, but we're pretending to be one chick.) This guy was 26, and we start totally coming on to him, trying to get him to meet this 13 year old in real life for sex. He resists, but must have been really horny because he eventually agreed to meet at a QuikTrip (we chose the one all the way across the city from where he was at so he would have to drive quite a ways), so we all go down there to catch a glimpse of this guy, see if he really shows up, etc. After we're there for five minutes, he shows up and parks, and luckily, a cop pulled into the parking lot. You should have seen the look on his face and how fast he took off.
I don't think he'll be trying to get any underage pussy again.

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