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QuikTrip is a franchise of gas stations found in the following cities:

These gas stations are known for their Guaranteed Gasoline marketing and for their clean restrooms.

You will never see a QuikTrip in a high-crime neighborhood because of strategic franchise placements in low-crime, high land value areas.

QuikTrip invented the Squart, which is a plastic squirt bottle that is exactly a quart. Its mass appeal in the early 1990s brought flocks of people to QuikTrip because of its free refills on soda drinks after you bought one.

Corporate policy states that all stores must give 5% of profits to local charities, and has a community outreach program called "Safe Place", which basically attempts to assure parents that it's safe for children to be at the store.

I've noticed that all police officers who visit QuikTrip get free coffee, and possibly food. In other words, if you're out drunk driving, don't stop at a Quiktrip to take a leak.

The tire air pumps outside are always free, but they don't have those little tire pressure guages built in.

Corporate history, coming soon.

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