Sprint World Headquarters, known locally as the Sprint Campus, is the world headquarters for Sprint long distance and Sprint PCS. The campus consists of 20 buildings, almost all of which are at least 4 stories in height, and 14 parking garages.


Location: Overland Park, Kansas, a suburb of Kansas City.

Size: About 200 acres.

Population: 15,000 and falling.

Everything you always wanted to know about the Sprint Campus but were afraid to ask:


Sprint Campus has a massive array of cameras mounted in such a fashion that there is little of the exterior of the campus which is not encompassed by video surveillence. The control room is in a secure facility in building #13, 6480 Sprint Parkway.

Some of the guards are armed, but very few. They are employed by the Guardsmark corporation, which is a by-contract security agency.

All employees have security cards, which are scanned at readers located at every enterance to buildings, which are surveilled by security cameras. To avoid tailgaters, employees must also pass through security turnstiles that only accept one person at a time, and pass by a guard. You can't even get into the food court without a badge.

Campus design and architecture: The campus buildings appear to borrow from old new england college campuses, like MIT, Harvard and Stanford. Lots of columns, bricks, neoclassical designs. Interestingly, the campus was designed by a firm that also designs prisons. The main construction company is J. E. Dunn, who at the time of writing are still finishing the campus.

All the buildings have three names. During construction of the campus, builders referred to the buildings by numbers, which is still the most-used name of the buildings. They also have street addresses, but the most esoteric of the names involves naming groups of buildings "Earhart", "Disney", "Eisenhower", "Truman" and "Carver". An example: The headquarters building on Sprint Campus is 6200 Sprint Parkway, building #6, Eisenhower A.

Buildings of note:

Building #4, 6220 Sprint Parkway: Largest building on campus. Contains a "winter garden" which is a place for large meetings and galas. On the lower level in the western side of the building, there is a computer testing laboratory that is massive in size and impressive in setup.

Building #6, 6200 Sprint Parkway: World headquarters. This building is where the VIP's work, including the CEO. There is a private parking garage underneath the building, and the facility has lots of marble, polished brass and hardwoods. The south side of the building, floors 3 and 4, are where the CEO and the VP's are located. Floor to ceiling varnished wood, art, throw rugs on hardwood floods, wall scones, a double wooden staircase. The CEO's office has its own fireplace.

Building #2, 6300 Sprint Parkway: The lower level of this building has a professional-quality movie production studio. The upper level has an auditorium for large seminars.

Building #14, 6450 Sprint Parkway: In addition to ordinary departmental offices, there is also a convenience store, a floral shop, a gift shop and a dry cleaner, all for the convenience of the employees.

Building #7, 6400 Sprint Parkway: This is the fitness center. It's a very nice gym facility with a numerous amount of activities. Basketball court, weight room, aerobics, indoor track. There's not a pool though. Strange.

Buildings #9 and #10, 6130 and 6160: These are the Sprint PCS headquarters buildings.

Building #12, 6500 Sprint Parkway: Aside from this building being a major conference facility, it also has the distinctive clocktower which has become Sprint Campus's symbol.

Food courts are located in buildings 12, 8 and 5.

Coffee shops are located in buildings 4, 5 and 11.

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