Oh, how could I pass this up? The Pennsylvania Mentality, a response to TheLibra's Texas Mentality.

However, I seriously doubt anyone ever thinks about Pennsylvania.

  • Pennsylvanians are racist: In as much that we are the state with the second largest number of hate groups, and Philadelphia is notorious for having a disproportionate number of blacks on death row. I lived in a town about fourty miles outside of Philly; the KKK was unfortunately very active, as are Neo-Nazis, etc. In Philadelphia, neighborhoods will riot every so often because a non-x has moved in, and trouble ensues. In the 19th century, there were anti-Catholic riots which threatened my neighborhood.

    However, I would like to ensure you that not all of us are this bad. Unfortunately, the Quaker ideals just never caught on.

  • You won't be hard-pressed to find people in Amish outfits. There are plenty of Amish in Pennsylvania, particularly in Lancaster County. Witness was quite realistic in this point. But don't make fun of them, or Harrison Ford will kick your ass.

  • PA is never capitalized. Hell, we don't even say "Pennsylvania," we say "P.A." This is the only state I can think of where we don't even say our name. Overall, Pennsylvanians are rather laid back about their statehood. It's here, that's fine with us.

  • The Death Penalty is Never Justified. This is a personal oppinion, and we really don't execute that many people. Personally, I'm against the death penalty on principle. But there is a disturbing trend to send blacks but not whites to death row. And I'm not even discussing the Mumia Abu Jamal issue.

  • We do not all carry guns. And often, we don't even know how to shoot them properly. This, however, applies more to the suburban areas. Once you pass the Delaware Valley, it becomes very rural; I knew a lot of kids whose families were poor and would hunt for their winter food.

    Philadelphia is one of the first cities to sue gun manufacturers. I do not have an opinion on this.

  • We do care what you think. Agriculture is the biggest moneymaker in PA, but we are really pushing tourism, especially in Philly.

  • We do incest. Unfortunately; several of my cousins have intermarried. Thankfully, I'm not a product of this.

  • PA does have culture. Any trip to Philadelphia's many museums, theatres, and parks will tell you that. Same goes for Pittsburgh, home of Andy Warhol.

  • We do not like people from New Jersey. Not as a rule, but it's those damn traffic circles. It makes you people drive funny when you come over the bridge.

  • No one religion really runs the state. But Catholics run Philadelphia. Trust me.

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