You are not so much bad as
He said.

He assured her, his instruction would be measured,
not excessive.

Her exposed skin, china white
a single handprint, crimson.

After the impact,
her breath, in bursts,
then slower.

I'll be better,
She said.

Silently, he hoped not.

String of pearls, silken twine,
Lust burns beneath my porcelain flesh.
Anticipation courses through me, fresh;
He's silent as I make him mine.
Rough, I ordered he undress,
Heart thundering as he complied.
His body begged a harsh caress
That I was happy to provide.

Face-down on sheets of fiery red,
Alone upon his sleepless bed.
Wrists and ankles, satin-bound,
Instructed not to make a sound.
He relishes his divine hell
And serves his mistress very well.

Pe*nol"o*gy (?), n. [Gr. &?;, or L. poena, punishment + -logy.]

The science or art of punishment. [Written also pœnology.]


© Webster 1913

Pœ*nol"o*gy (pE*nol"O*j&ybreve;), n.

See Penology.


© Webster 1913

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