Now in its 21st year, the Perrier Comedy awards is one of the most prestigious awards in the UK comedy scene (now with the extra "Best Newcomer Award"), with a prize of one big shiny trophy, £5000 cash, and a spot headlining The Perrier Pick Of The Fringe Shows in London’s West End with the Perrier Award Shortlist. All of the acts are judged whilst performing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Winning either of the awards is almost guarenteed to catapult the winner to fame and fortune

Past winners of both awards are listed below:

1981 Winner
Cambridge Footlights - line-up included Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie, Tony Slattery and Emma Thompson

1982 Winner
Writers Inc.

1983 Winner
Los Trios Ringbarkus

1984 Winner
The Brass Band
Nominees: Fascinating Aida, Hank Wangford Band, Frank Chickens, The Bodgers, The Brass Band

1985 Winner
Theatre De Complicité
Nominees: Theatre De Complicité, The Bodgers, Merry Mac Fun Show, Paul B Davies, Sue Ingleton

1986 Winner
Ben Keaton
Nominees: Ben Keaton, Paul B Davies, Roy Hutchins, Jenny Lecoat, Merry Mac Fun Show

1987 Winner
Brown Blues (Arnold Brown and Jungr & Parker)
Nominees: Nick Revell, Jeremy Hardy, Simon Fanshawe, John Sparkes

1988 Winner
Jeremy Hardy
Nominees: Jeremy Hardy, Doug Anthony Allstars, Roy Hutchins, Robert Lewellyn's Mammon, The Wow Show

1989 Winner
Simon Fanshawe
Nominees: Simon Fanshawe, John Hegley, AI and George, Will Durst, Live Bed Show, The World Of Les and Robert.

1990 Winnner
Sean Hughes
Nominees: Sean Hughes, Dillie Keane - Single Again, Pete McCarthy - The Hangover Show, Jimmy Tingle

1991 Winner
Frank Skinner
Nominees: Avner The Eccentric, Jack Dee, Eddie Izzard, Lily Savage, Frank Skinner

1992 Winner
Steve Coogan
Nominees: Jo Brand, Steve Coogan In Character With John Thomson, Bruce Morton, John Shuttleworth's Guide To Stardom, Mark Thomas
Best Newcomer Award: Harry Hill

1993 Winner
Lee Evans
Nominees: Corky and The Juice Pigs, Lee Evans, Phil Kay, Johnny Meres, Donna McPhail, Parrot, Greg Proops
Best Newcomer Award: Dominic Holland

1994 Winner
Lano & Woodley
Nominees: Alan Davies, Jeff Green, Harry Hill's "Pub lnternationale", Lano & Woodley, Owen O'Neill, Robert Schimel
Best Newcomer Award: Scott Capurro

1995 Winner
Jenny Eclair
Nominees: Simon Bligh, Scott Capurro, Jenny Eclair, Boothby Graffoe, The Umbilical Brothers
Best Newcomer Award: Tim Vine

1996 Winner
Dylan Moran
Nominees: Armstrong and Miller, Bill Bailey, Rich Hall, Dominic Holland, Dylan Moran, Al Murray
Best Newcomer Award: Milton Jones

1997 Winner
The League of Gentlemen
Nominees: Milton Jones, The League Of Gentlemen, AI Murray, Graham Norton, The Johnny Vegas Show
Best Newcomer Award: Arj Barker

1998 Winner
Tommy Tiernan
Nominees:Ed Byrne, Sean Cullen, Peter Kay, Al Murray, Tommy Tiernan
Best Newcomer Award: The Mighty Boosh

1999 Winner
Al Murray - The Pub Landlord
Nominees: Terry Alderton, The Arctic Boosh, The League Against Tedium, Al Murray, Ross Noble
Best Newcomer Award: Ben 'n' Arns Big Top

2000 Winner
Rich Hall is Otis Lee Crenshaw
Nominees: Dave Gorman, Lee Mack, Garth Marenghi, Sean Lock
Best Newcomer Award: Noble & Silver

2001 Winner
Garth Marenghi's Netherhead
Nominees: Dan Antopolski, Jason Byrne, Adam Hills, Daniel Kitson
Best Newcomer Award: Garth Cruickshank & Eddie

2002 Winner
Daniel Kitson
Nominees: Noel Fielding, Adam Hills, Phil Nichol, Omid Djalili, Jimmy Carr
Best Newcomer Award: The Consultants

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