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Long, long ago, in ancient Britain, a magical wizard lived.  He had a long white beard and wore emerald green.  It made him stand out in a crowd.  This green magician blessed a pigeon, and that pigeon became super-intelligent, for a pigeon anyway.  

Pete comes from a long line of super-intelligent pigeons.  He's very proud of it.  In the 18th century they immigrated to America, some of them are still in Britain.


Pete looked through the classifieds.  His morning ritual.  "The damn economy.", he thought.  Then he saw it.  A job delivering Yellow Pages.  Well, not exactly Yellow Pages, it was an off-brand of Yellow Pages, called Yellow Book.

Pete and a large group of mainly men were instantly hired to deliver Yellow Book.  After watching a 15 minute training video, the whole room was now gainfully employed.

Unfortunately Pete ran into problems.  The Yellow Books were too heavy to carry with his beak.  He could barely carry a single book.  So he would have to drive.

Loading up a huge stack of Yellow Books into his van, he grabbed the wheel with his wings, and carefully drove to his area where the books were to be delivered.

His job was tedious and he hated it.  Kind of liked the weather though, nice fall weather.

Well, hopefully he'll get a better job soon.

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