Peter Gunn was a detective show on television from 1958 to 1961, on NBC (2 years) and ABC (1 year), created, directed and written (in part) by Blake Edwards who used the series as a stepping-stone to his movie career.

The main character, played by Craig Stevens, was one of the hippest private eyes ever, prefering to hang out at Mother's, a "swank" jazz club, instead of the usual gumshoe haunts. Other main characters were Edie Hart (played by Lola Albright), his girlfriend who was a singer at Mother's and Lt. Jacoby (played by Herschel Bernardi), his police confidant.

The series, while rarely if ever seen by people my generation and younger, lives on in the kick-ass theme song by Henry Mancini which is used as the background music in an arcade game of the same name. In the game you view a silver car from above, driving it at high speed down a road, blowing up enemy cars, and trying not to crash.

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