"Petrosains" ("Petro-Science" in Bahasa Melayu) is a "hands on" science gallery located in Suria KLCC, Malaysia. It's actually very good, but you need to skip past the first few exhibits which are of the "the petrol industry is good" propaganda-type.

Your best bet is to keep walking until you get to the dinosaur exhibit. Pause briefly at one of the computer consoles on the walkway and follow the instructions taped to the side to make the volcano erupt.

Once past the dinosaur exhibit, you're on to "the good stuff". There are a lot of interactive science exhibits, fun for kids and adults alike. Almost all of them even work!

There is a virtual "helicopter ride" which is quite good.

Also, it is worth forking out a few bucks for the computer generated 3D movie near the end - not so much for movie itself (which is average) but for the loud reactions of the locals ("Oooh! Aaah!") :-).

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