Liquid crystal pants. It sounds like a neat idea (see hypercolor)... pants that are changing colors and have weird psychedelic patterns. Perfect articles of clothing for night clubs and similar events. Well, maybe.

A friend of mine told me this story of club that he went to where he saw a young woman wearing a pair of liquid crystal pants. He made note that they were interesting pants and thus he kept glancing at them as the night went on. At one point in the night, this young woman saw a young man that she was attracted to. There were two indicators of this - first, her behavior changed to flirtatious, and secondly, her pants indicated this.

Her pants? Yes, her pants. As anyone who wears a liquid crystal item knows (or should know), the color liquid crystal is related to the temperature of what is in contact with it. So the wrinkles in it that were away from the skin were a deep blue and the areas touching the skin were for the most part yellows and oranges. However, body heat is regulated by blood flow - the more blood flowing to an area, the warmer it gets. Thus, the young woman had a very pronounced area of reds in her groin region where apparently, there was a fair amount of blood flow. Upon realizing that this was the case, blood flow increased to the face and she quickly exited for the ladies room.

Now, as any man knows the difficulty of hiding the various states of arousal that we enjoy mask in every day life, this is not always the case with women. It was suggested that as part of the PMS exchange program that is often suggested by those who suffer from it and request that men take pills to give them bloating and cramps that women wear these pants to help them understand the awkwardness of spontaneous arousal.

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