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Gimmick first employed in the final fight in the fortress of solitude between Superman and and the three Kryptonian supervillians. The villians, shockingly enough, were the only ones doing it proper. Superman actually cheated and used the fortress to his advantage to cast illusions of himself.

So he managed to phase behind General Zod and started choking him. And then the other two villians, Ursa and Non, had to jump into the picture and threaten to tear Lois Lane apart by the arms.

So Superman relents...and from this point the old rewired fortress of solitude trick is fully afoot.

This gimmick is also employed (and unfortunately more famous) in the horribly raped by Funimation but kinda-decent-when-it's-subbed anime series Dragonball Z. Especially during the Frieza saga. In fact they kinda go to a new level of overkill when it come to phasing in this show.

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