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Sung/chanted before meals at Philmont. Very beautiful if you've been there several times or as a Ranger.

I want to go back to Philmont (I want to go baaaaack to Philmont)
Where the old Rayado flows,
Where the rain come a seepin'
In the tent where you're a sleepin'
And the waters say hello

I want to wake up in the morning
With my socks all wringing wet,
For it brings back fondest memories,
That a Ranger can't forget.

I want to hike once more the canyon floor
From Scribblins to Old Camp,
With my pack sack a-creakin',
With my back with sweat a-reekin',
And my legs begin to cramp.

I want to hike again with such great men
As made those famous treks,
From Beaubien to Porky
And from Cito to Car-Max

It's also used at the 8am ranger meetings. If you have a tent around C or D row in ranger tent city you can use it as an alarm clock.

During meals, typically a story is told. "Me and the boys were saying prayers at the St. James the other night. After communion.. several communions actually, XXXX stood up on the chair and began reciting his ABC's. A... B... C... D... E... F... what's the next one? G.. that's right.. then H... oh I forget what's next. That's right.. I WANNA GO BACK."

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